Bethany Milam is a Hampshire based Interdisciplinary Fine Artist, engaging with a broad range of media including; installations, mixed media, painting and drawing. She enjoys experimenting with different and sometimes unusual materials and techniques, discovering new ways of making. Permeating through her diverse practice is an interest in narratives and the transformation of the commonplace, combined with a keen observation of everyday life. Her works often imply a narrative that is never told in full, encouraging the viewer to engage with the artworks and construct their own meanings.

Having completed a PGCE, Bethany is also an Art Tutor, catering for both children and adults.

“I have a strong belief in the importance of art within our society and am keen to pass on this enthusiasm.”

Feel free to contact Bethany for any information about the artworks.

Commissions are welcomed.

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Courses for January 2020!:

Drawing and Painting Art Class
Monday Afternoons
Kingsclere Village Club

Painting With Watercolours
Viables Community Centre

Oakley Art Classes
Tuesday and Wednesday Afternoons
East Oakley Village Hall

*NEW* Drawing and Painting Portraits
Wednesday Evenings
The Hurst Leisure Centre

Drawing and Painting (Small Group) Class
Thursday Evenings
Kingsclere Village Club

Photographic prints taken from the originals are available on request.
Greetings Cards are also available, please use the contact form to enquire.