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Learn to Draw and Paint Birds of Prey

Learn to Draw and Paint Birds of Prey
5 week Course
Wednesdays 2.00pm – 4.15pm
28 February - 27 March 2024
Online (Zoom)
A fun online course drawing birds of prey from the UK and around the world.

Learn to draw Eagles, Falcons, Hawks and Harriers. We will be looking at drawing a selection of bird species, mainly from the UK. There will be a mix of drawing activities leading towards longer studies. We will look at anatomy, gesture drawing and feather textures, working from beautiful reference photos provided in an online folder for you to print and viewable on screen. This is a fun class with the chance to explore different drawing and painting media and techniques, working in graphite pencil, coloured pencil, charcoal, ink and watercolour with demonstrations and tuition from artist and tutor Bethany Milam. Activities can be adapted to other media too!

Suitable for all abilities including beginners.

The sessions will last approximately two hours. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and I will make some time for individual feedback on your artwork at the end of the session.

Sessions are recorded and made available for participants to watch back for the duration of the course plus one month after. If you cannot attend live you can take part via recorded sessions and receive feedback on your artwork by email.

You will receive access to an online folder containing lesson resources, reference images, materials lists, resources and extra topic information. Feedback can be given during lesson time. You will also have access to a closed Facebook group to interact with other students.

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Once registered you will be emailed class details and payment options.

Suggested Materials
Drawing/cartridge paper or a sketchbook (A4 or A3).
Heavy paper for ink study.
Watercolour paper (cold pressed)
Toned paper (optional)
A range of graphite Pencils (HB – 6B)
Coloured pencils (optional)
Coloured pens (optional)
Willow charcoal
Charcoal pencils (optional)
White chalk (optional)
Drawing Pen (Waterproof)
White pen. (optional)
Indian ink or Drawing Ink (optional)
Putty rubber and Eraser
Pencil sharpener
Blending stumps (and other blending tools, cotton buds, cloths, brushes)
Ruler (optional)
Watercolour Paint
An Apron and something to cover your table with.


Log onto (please log in promptly to avoid disruption.)
a) You will be prompted to download & install the Zoom app. You can do this beforehand by going here:
b) Click join meeting and enter the meeting ID. This is sent to you in the confirmation email.
c) You will be prompted to key in the password. This code is sent to you in the confirmation email.
d) You will be placed in a 'waiting room' before being admitted. Once entered into the meeting, your microphone may be automatically muted. I will normally unmute everyone to say hello at the start of the session and individually to give feedback at certain points and at the end of the session. During demonstration times, I will mute everyone's microphones to cut background noise. You can unmute your microphone to ask questions at any point. You can also talk to other participants at any time using the group chat (or the 1:1 chat) function.