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Introduction to Egg Tempera Painting One Day workshop

Introduction to Egg Tempera Painting
One Day workshop
*Postponed* please check back or get in touch to be informed of the new date.
10am – 4pm
At East Oakley Village Hall (Green Hut)

Materials, tea/coffee and biscuits are included.

Explore the techniques of egg tempera painting and learn how to make your own paints in this one-day workshop.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and improvers.
Bethany will show participants how to make this unique type of paint from pigment and egg yolk and explore different painting techniques, looking at both traditional and contemporary approaches to the medium. Participants will then create their own egg tempera paintings on gesso board, using a variety of techniques and taking inspiration from beautiful reference photos.

Egg tempera dates back to the 1st century AD, it was used in early Christian and Byzantine icon painting and was popular during the early Renaissance period. Used by artists such as Duccio, Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Raphael and Verrocchio, it was the primary method of painting until around 1500. Today, egg tempera is becoming increasingly appreciated for its remarkable qualities of luminosity and durability. Egg has a unique quality of transmitting light, giving to colours a luminosity and depth of tone unattainable in other mediums.

What is included?
Materials including: a pre-prepared wood board covered in traditional size and gesso, watercolour paper, a selection of ground Pigments, eggs, printed photo references and lesson notes, other painting equipment. Tea/coffee and biscuits

Participants will need to bring their own:
Packed lunch
Sable or soft synthetic paintbrushes
Palettes (with individual deep wells)
Water pots and small pots for egg yoke (yoghurt pot size)
Kitchen roll and Clingfilm to cover palettes when not used

A rough plan of the day
9. 50 – 10am Welcome, and setting up
Short Introduction to egg tempera what is it and its history. Talk and demo on the preparation of the Panels: gesso, silverpoint and ink underdrawings.
Demo of Making the paints and Basic painting techniques. Participants to make some paint and experiment with techniques. Participants draw in pencil from a choice of reference photos – still life, animal or part of a masterpiece painting.
12.00 – 12.45 Lunch
Painting from reference using Under layers of colour, hatching, colour mixing and glazing, tone, texture. Participant activity with individual help and advice.
2.30-2.45 Afternoon break
Participant activity with individual help and advice.
Talk on Curing, polishing and caring for your painting.
3.35 Group Feedback on paintings
4.00 Session ends

East Oakley Village Hall (Green Hut)
Hill Road
RG23 7JJ

You must pre-book this class as places are limited.

Contact Bethany Y Milam to book, payment can be made by cheque or PayPal, bank transfer.

Please Read the following before attending:

Though legal restrictions have been lifted, it is the responsibility of everyone to limit the spread of Covid-19, especially when the group may contain vulnerable members. Please do not attend if you have Covid-19 symptoms, or if anyone in your household has tested positive.

Please pre-book sessions and sign in with Bethany when you arrive.

Please wash up any cups / kitchenware you use.

Please bring your own art supplies. You may want to bring a table covering if working with messy media.

Please help with wiping down chairs, tables and other equipment before/after use and setting out/putting these items away if you can.

Cancellation policy
If you need to cancel your order refunds can be obtained up to 1 week before the workshop starts. Refunds of payments made via PayPal will be minus PayPals transaction fee. In the case of class cancellations refunds or exchanges will be made available.